Collaboration With Other EU Projects

First Workshop with 5 EU Projects

On behalf of the AIDOaRt research project (https://www.kdt-ju.europa.eu/projects/aidoart External link.), the first public workshop was held on November 18th.

AIDOaRT focusses on AI-augmented automation supporting the continuous development of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) in its phases, such as requirements, monitoring, modelling, coding, and testing. The growing complexity of CPS poses several challenges throughout all software development and analysis phases, but also during their service and maintenance life.

Goal of the workshop

The workshops aim to find and discuss new methods and tool workflows for future product development, to master the safety, security and quality challenges of tomorrow. Your expert knowledge from your projects is the input which is desired in the workshop.


  • The growing complexity of Cyber-Physical Systems poses several challenges throughout all software development and analysis phases, but also during their usage and maintenance.
  • Many leading companies have started envisaging the automation of tomorrow by full-blown Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The workshop enables:

  • To maintain a constant dialogue with related industry interest groups
  • To establish scientific collaborations through conferences, workshops, summer schools and joint journal publications
  • To prepare for joint exploitation of the AIDOaRT results through planning and arrangements for co-marketing and co-distribution

The core technology topics of AIDOaRt were presented and discussed:

  • AI by Ken Sharman (ITI)
  • DevOps by Luca Berardinelli (JKU)
  • Model Driven Engineering by Hugo Brunelieere (IMT)
  • Cyber Physical System by Per Strandberg (Westermo)

The workshop started with a welcome and introductory round table, where all participants were invited to give a brief introduction to their current work and expertise. The presentations of the workshop objectives and an AIDOaRT project introduction opens the thematic part of the workshop and finished with a feedback and idea collect around.More than 40 interested parties joined the workshop.

For any questions, please contact sandra.koenig@ait.ac.at, franco.fresolone@ait.ac.at or erwin.kristen@ait.ac.at.

Participated Projects