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AIDOaRt partner ACORDE contributed to Inside Magazine Issue #7 entitled "ACORDE Technologies - How European Collaboration Lead an RF Expert to Innovative Industrial Monitoring Solutions Exploiting IA and Suited to the Computing Continuum".

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AIDoaRt Event

AIDOM@rket day took place on the first day of the plenary meeting (May, 28th, Marseille, France). The organization of the final plenary meeting allows AIDOaRters to definitely demonstrate the ability of the AIDOaRt framework and tools and their applications on use cases.

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What is AIDOaRt?






Industrial Case Studies


Funding (M € )

AIDOaRt is a 3 years long H2020-ECSEL European project involving 31 organizations, grouped in clusters from 7 different countries, focusing on AI-augmented automation supporting modeling, coding, testing, monitoring, and continuous development in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

Our Mission

  • To create a framework incorporating methods and tools for continuous software, system engineering and validation, leveraging the advantages of AI techniques (notably Machine Learning) to provide benefits in significantly improved productivity, quality, and predictability of CPSs, CPSoSs, and, more generally, large and complex industrial systems.

Our Objectives

Providing a model-based framework to support the CPS development process by introducing AI-augmented automation.
Enhancing the DevOps toolchain by employing AI and Machine Learning (ML) technique in multiple aspects of the system development process
Supporting the collection, representation, and traceability of runtime data and software models, and analyzing both historical and real time data in combination with design information

Our Strength

  • National clusters
AIDOaRt brings together participants from Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the Cz.
  • Industrial Case Studies
Six case studies will ensure that all AIDOaRt has a direct impact on the European Industry. They cover a variety of domains, all under the umbrella of AIDOaRt AI-augmented Toolkit extensions and are based on: Requirements. Monitoring, Modeling, Coding, and Testing.
  • Researchers
Each country brings in at least one university to make sure there is enough researcher to provide innovative solutions to AIDOaRt industrial challenges all begin with an idea.

AIDoaRt Event

AIDOM@rket Winners!

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