Open Source

Open Source Tools/database of AIDoaRt project

Test Results Database (westermo)

Test results dataset from westermo

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STGEM tool from ÅBO university

This tool is for black-box testing of cyber-physical systems

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AALpy is a light-weight automata learning library written in Python and developed by TUG

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MORGAN: Modeling Recommender system based on GrAph Neural network

The relevant artifacts during the specification of domain-specific model by exploiting ML/AI capabilities.

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Keptn is a CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Incubating Project. Initially created by Dynatrace in 2019

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Hepsycode (HW/SW CO-DEsign of HEterogeneous Parallel dedicated SYstems)

Hepsycode is is a prototypal tool to improve the design time of embedded applications.

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Westermo test system performance data set

Specific subject area: Performance metrics from servers in test systems.

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