AIDoaRt Use Cases

Case studies that will benefit of AIDOaRt:

Automotive Domain

Case 1

Safety-critical systems in the automotive domain using disruption technology

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Case 2

AI-supported Digital Twin Synthesis supporting vehicle development and testing for novel propulsion systems

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Case 8

Agile process and Electric/Electronic Architecture of a vehicle for professional applications

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Case 9

Data modeling to support product development cost and efficiency

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Railway Domain

Case 3

DevOps for Railway Propulsion System Design

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Case 5

Machine Learning in interactive proving

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Traffic Monitoring domain

Case 4

AI for Traffic Monitoring Systems

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Software domain

Case 10

Automated continuous decision making in testing of robust and industrial-grade network equipments

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Maritime domain

Case 7

Smart Port Platform monitoring

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Catering domain

Case 6

AI DevOps in the restaurants business

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